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Regarding account sharing/selling


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There has been an increase in the number of support requests filed about this, and we need to make it clear for anyone in the future. As you should know if you read the rules, the sharing or selling of accounts is absolutely not supported or advised in any way.


This means that if you share your account, sell your account, or buy an account, absolutely ALL responsibility for handling it is on you.


As you know, a valid email that you control is needed for you to properly own an account. If you don't control the email, the person who does can reset your password at any time and you'll never get it back. An email can only be changed by the person who controls the current email. That means if you're buying an account, you should ensure the email is changed to your own by the original owner. This is again your own responsibility.


IceCold will not ever change an account email without absolute ownership proof and a valid reason. Any support requests asking for an email change because they bought or shared an account, will be denied immediately.


Please keep the above in mind if you're considering buying or selling an account.

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