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Hey guys, this isn't gonna get many views but hopefully we can end up with something.

Let's start off simple? I'm Pvper (ingame name), I played Icecold a while ago, got not too decent but acceptable gear and now I'm back because of a friend of mine (I call him raduvich).

So uh, I'm almost done downloading WoW 4.3.4 and to be honest, I wanna start making videos about Icecold.

What videos am I planning to make? 

*Helpful tips & tricks in Icecold
*What goals you should put for yourself as a newbie
*Gold guides (3 levels, one for newbies, one for the decently geared, and one for the low vips) [High level vips you know what to do]

I'm obviously not gonna put all of them up, you guys are probably bored reading 3 of them and if you did, you have too much time in your hands.

So obviously I don't remember much about the server, so I'm not going to be making the Icecold channel alone.

If there is ANYONE who would like to help out, let me know by replying or messaging me ingame.

P.S. I make free forum signatures so PM me if you'd like one with an SS of your character! :D

Anyway thanks for reading and GL!

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