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New Update? 4.3?



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We do not know exactly when, we don't even have a guess when it will come. There is only so much we can look into and so much we can't look into since Trinity is the one that is the main leader for the 4.3.4 core and so they can only know how much is left and when it will be done.


Although, just from what we have saw from the core right now.

  • 4.3 raids/dungeons haven't been implemented yet
  • 4.2 raids/dungeons have been implemented, but still needs fixing.
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hm, so Trinity has time for all that ! :D :)

But you do keep in touch with him, right?

I mean, could you ask him if he's anywhere close to finishing it? I get it, its tough, but we're dying for some positive news that the 4.3 is still in the works :)

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