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 ya. tried it out and its quite ok for a private server. one major problem. keep dying >_<. so i start as a lvl 35 at some island. nothing wrong right? one of the quests is to kill turtles. died before their health reaches 0. than i glanced to my hand. hmmph. where the F**** is my weapon. so i see this merchant(i have 0 gold btw). cant buy anything >_< is is suppose to be these way? and how do i leave the island if i want too. says i need a code

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The Starter Gear vendor does not require gold.  It's all free.




Sailor Mike has the option to teleport you out if you do not want to complete the starter area.  



You type "SKIP" and click accept to leave.  


Do NOT press Enter on your keyboard after typing that in.  It won't teleport you.

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