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Mirakle Non-VIP boss Reset

razzle frakes

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Name of your ingame character:Chucktesta

Name of character you're reporting:Mirakle

Reason why you're reporting:Me and Hain Were killing Non-Vip boss and Mirakle Resets boss because im not leader NOR did i Invite her while i was spaming heals not to Die...I have screenshots of where Mirakle was Running away with the boss while i was chasing it to try and get aggro back.


http://i46.tinypic.com/wi1rte.jpg   Clear shot of Mirakle  Running with the boss away.

http://i50.tinypic.com/9a45jk.jpg Mirakle Hexed and Still Running with the boss.
http://i46.tinypic.com/23tsebm.jpg The boss running back to spawn After Mirakle Reset boss..

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Try holding more Aggro next time.




On a more serious matter, Rule 10. Resetting a boss to full health to gain control of the loot is forbidden. This will result in a ban.


I don't believe he was resetting the boss to gain loot control over it. Instead it appears as if he accidently aggro'd the boss, then ran to avoid death.


P.S: Just because he says he doesn't like someone, doesn't mean we're going to weigh his ban ( I won't anyways, others might) Everyone has their own opinion.

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BTW if u look he wanted INV meaning he wanted LOOT So there for I wouldnt Invite so he Took aggro AFTER killing me and My friend WHILE killing boss and HIM being VIP7 and Sword of a Thousand Truths IS NOT going to DIE from a NON VIP boss that my SHaman in Honor Gear 2 vote weapons can Kill there for It is a FACT he RESET the Boss for LOOT CONTROLL after he reset he Flew Over Taged boss and Got the Loot.. So no he wasnt Trying to avoid death..

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