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This may have already been suggested, but...


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The disrespect on this server is enormous, and downright infuriating when someone can easily just up and (attempt) to chew you out, in ALL CAPS, littered with bad English and derogatory insults.

My suggestion is to start giving warnings, kicks, mutes, and possibly bans for repeated offenses of disrespect in any public chat channel. If it's in a private channel, of course it's going to have to be severe enough to report (heavy racism, spam in all caps with insults toward another player, anything that can be considered mass disrespect or harassment, really).

Seriously, the environment of this server is atrocious. Just the other day, I saw a newcomer ask where they could upgrade their gear. Some random Paladin with full Blessed gear just tells him to [explicit] off, since he's a "gay noob".

If the staff started enforcing that the playerbase be a bit more mature, it would undoubtedly lead to more players joining this server. People logging in with a brand new toon for the first time here won't want to stay when they get cussed at and harassed the first minute they're here.

Of course, it's never good to start cold-turkey. If this suggestion were to even be implemented into the behavioral rules, etc., the staff would have to ween the playerbase onto the new set of the aforementioned rules. But the rewards of

a) More players joining, into a friendly(ish, no one's perfect) community

B) Less drama in /o, which would save a headache for everyone.

c) If people are friendlier to everyone, it'd lead to groups for dungeons, players meeting new people, etc.

Hope you consider this, staff of IceCold-WoW. I do wholeheartedly believe that it would attract and KEEP more players on this server.

~Zulu (Khan).

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Thank you all for the feedback so far, perhaps if we could get a few more good words in here we can manage to pass this into the rulebook.

By the way, feel free to amend or add anything you see wrong with my post; It can still be difficult to put boundaries on behavior(s), seeing as everyone is different and reacts to certain situations in separate ways.

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