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As most of you are already aware, IceCold-WoW had some under some persistent and moderately large DDoS attacks. This brought the gameservers down frequently and caused much disruption. Because of this, we were forced to invest in advanced DDoS firewalls to shield the game servers from further attacks. These have worked well and there has been no downtime since they were implimented.

A side-effect of this system is that, at times, it may be slightly over-strict and interfere with some legitimate connections. Because of this, users in certain areas may experience occasional connection issues. This is normally in the form of inability to login, or frequent disconnections that are only happening to you. If this happens, the best advice we can give you is to login from a new IP address if possible (restarting router & modem often works), or wait a few hours before trying again.

We are aiming to eliminate the issues affecting small numbers of people, but until then, bear with us :)

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