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Icecold Suggestions!


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1) Increase the speed of Thunderfury to make it worth upgrading (It's something to do on alts to cure boredom and it's the most time consuming weapon to farm in my opinion)

2) Create MORE world bosses with BOEs and Icegold bars. (So you can have a daily quest to kill all the world bosses and get a reward of 1-5 icegold bars and 5-10k gold.)

3) Improve the update rate of icecold, i know it takes some time to do things but Icecold needs to compete with the higher up servers and get new stuff out every week or 2, like a lot of the servers try to do. I would love to see IceCold do Better, and releasing stuff more often would help increase players and donaters!)

4) Create things for VIPs to do, Special World bossses, Special Instances, or just Special quests in the VIP zone. (Create more reasons for people to donate and enjoy their gear, donating should be more then gear since they keep the server up and running)

Thanks for reading my suggestions! :D

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I like these ideas yet again, I believe the last thunderfury upgrade should be better than the VIP weapon simply because of the time, and yeah Its great to get everyone to promote the server but there is a line where you don't want EVERYTHING that is good to be voter.

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