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A big thank you to IceCold-WoW Staff


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I would like to take a moment and give a BIG thank you to the IceCold-WoW staff for a hasty recovery to the data loss/ corruption. They did not miss a beat in fixing what happend, and made sure their fan's were happy with the results. Sure we lost some minor item's or vote gear. but on the bright side, The server is up, and we are able to play again!... So thank you IceCold-WoW Staff

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but the sad thing is that my characters now are super weak i was having like 6000k+ characters and now ? they suck D:

It's been written before, but they did all they could. Sure some things did got lost, but that is of no matter. What matter is that the server is still intact and playable, so you can start working on the things that've been lost. Don't waste time hating, rather spend it on farming.

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