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somone tell me how this is fair


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first off puffin puts my skype on alot of dating sites then he starts to call me a whore in /o and then i get muted by ryan for saying lol wtf is wrong with you all you say you have good staff but they dont act good or anything here is a screen shot of puffing and others trying to make me out as some whore


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What Death said is very true. Puffin isn't apart of staff anymore I'm pretty sure if he (retired) or got fired that's a bad punishment, and if he can get fired he can get muted not just because he's good friends with staff.

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Unfortunately what Deathparagon said isn't true. Before I went inactive I did a very large amount of bannable things and only got banned once.

It's a fact, being friends with the GMs lets you do whatever you want.

There's favoritism, and no one does anything about it.

Inb4 dick suckers disagree with me, gtfo. You know just as well as I do that you suck dick to try to get GM and to become a GM's pet so you can f**k around all you want.


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