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Recommend This Guy for GM!


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There is this one person who is just giving away stuff and helping people with their needs, he just did a recent giveaway for a 15k gold item for no cost, he gives out free gear to starter players, he is even giving out gold bars for 0 money, i just signed up for that event!

His name is Bankera, i think his main account is Era or something.

Very very nice person to be doing all of it, ask Knee about Era..

I just wanted to say that, if anyone else agrees just post here..

PM Bankera or Era in game for free stuff, pretty much always there to help!

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Thanks i guess..

You don't need to really say anything, i just do it to help out.. and haha retrage i wanted a mount :P..

Anyways yes the admin decides.

Miller! I would give you free stuff, but im broke haha, i'll donate more in GV :P

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Thank you but unfortunatly Admins pick the GMs and you cant just willy nilly post on fourms this guy is nice so he should get GM. If this guy wants to become a GM he will have to wait till applications are open.

Puppy is so nice.

He should get GM.

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I've seen my fair share of these "-Insert Name- For Game Master!" forum posts, and just a quick tip for you. If you post something like this, the less chance you'll get ;), that's what admin told me back then.

Says the guy who "hopes to return to the job i loved"

leave, Diego.

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