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GM abuse


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I don't see how ass is an offensive term in this context.

This would most likely be the same as making this sentence bannable because it contained ass:

My ass hurts today.

In my opinion such words are only vulgar or considered profanity if they are used in offensive contexts such as insults.

Then again, I'm not a boss here.

This was just my humble opinion about the matter.

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  • Staff

The "A" word is one that is not extremely offensive, but can be offensive to some. After all, there are kids who can play on the server and either they can be offended or their parents don't want them to be exposed to that kind of language. I think it is respectful of the staff to make sure that stuff doesn't happen.

The problem with the chat example is that there is a language filter available for all chats. However, you cannot filter out the name of a person's character so the names need to be kept non-offensive. Seriously, what is the point of having such a questionable name except to offend others and create drama? People should not do it or anything that resembles swearing or vulgar language in their name in my opinion and deserve punishment if they do.

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