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(Poll) What would you like to see?

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  1. 1. What Would you like to see Added?

    • World Bosses With BOE's
    • VIP and Non-VIP Gear With Upgrades (AKA Upgradable Gear)
    • VIP Instance With VIP Only Drops
    • Stair Events With Custom event Awards
  2. 2. If You Could Be An Admin for ONE day what would you add?

    • Upgrade Weapons
    • Custom Stair Events
    • Transmogification
    • One More GM
    • VIP/NON-VIP Instances

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  • Staff

I like most of the ideas but would change some. I would make world boss loot BOP so people cant farm them and sell them on the AH. I would like to see more non-vip instances. If I was admin for a day I would increase drop rates on the farmable items so it doesn't take a year to get one piece of gear. But I have my theory of why the drop rates are so low.

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