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Hey! Im Back!


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I had my surgery on Thursday and it went well other then the fact they found cancer in my heart. So i had another surgery on Friday and im back to normal! I am healthy for about 6 years till it comes back!

I'm happy to be back to ice-cold and cant wait to see the changes they make in the future.

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Sadly i will not be coming back for another week. I was called by my doctor today and need 2 more surgeries because they found cancer in my lung's. I might be back soon or awhile depending on how everything works out.

THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My life is a mess so it could be awhile till i play and i will also not be on forums for awhile.

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Thank you so much man. I have to wait till Wednesday and Thursday for everything to happen and they told me the bad news.

I only have a 1/10 chance to come out of this surgery alive. I am not thinking at this point to not do it and live with the Cancer.

Yes, i am a very open person as all of you can see. My problems should be seen as a gift to you that you do not have these.

Also, I miss everyone on this server. Echoes(The #1 Hater)-Omgehh-Lore-Becon-A lot more but i haven't played for ever so i forgot some names D=

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