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What they should do if there was a new upgate for icecold!


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-More vote website for vote points!

-Make battleground finder work!

-More custom maps and armours

-New weps

-Make a misson area to upgrade armours

-Make so that in arena u can turn on and off pvp mode

-Make so that no more hackers in game e.g. shamans!!

-Update game every month or so!

-Better quests

-No bugs e.g.Starting weapon quest!

-Custom raids like deathwing but diffent!

-Scared-Ice Wow Fun server!


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Bug on Weapon Quest i have never occured and not seen many other people with it, maybe just you

Updating takes time you don't see Blizzard update WoW every month

Mission area to upgrade gear- Upgrade Pinnacle (only Thunderfury is upgradeable atm)

Arena - Keep the way it is if you where in a real arena you cant say "don't kill me" your in that areana for one reason PvP if you don't want to pvp don't go into it

Better quests - care to explain?

Custom Raids - Is the one i agree with also if a Admin or GM does look at this make them harder so i cant solo them on a forest geared

Vote Points - If they where to give more it would be stupid because then everyone would be running round with the best weps and nuking everything making it timeworty like now is good with 200 VP

Hackers - The only way to stop hacking is to report to GM/Admin or on Forum with a screenshot with the Hack

P.S: Does anyone know when IceCold Reaper is gunna be up

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I hate to argue with you but updating isnt as hard as you think it is ive done a bit of DEV job myself surely it takes a little time just not as much as you are talking about if they are gonna upgrade these are the things they should add

1. Balanced PvP - Against The Donors- I have nothing against Donors its great they support server but when you are in arena and have only about 5mill of hp while they have about 100m or more it makes it unfun ahah with that being said the non donors should atleast get some new items that will make it a little balanced

2. more quests - ones that cant be beat in a day - DW quest was to easy the wep farm quest To easy and the shardquest in deadmines Def easy

3. CUstom Raids with Custom loot mentioned aboved - Sometimes alot of us gets bored and want to play raids so there should be some custom raids for us to do

4. I have to agree with the guy who made the thread you should be able to toggle your pvp on and off when you want to fix Spawn Killing arena is about pvp yes about what is fun when the Moron spawn kills you and there isnt a gm in sight to take care of em

5. Custom Events for example Stair events with a npc starting a quest you reach the top to complete now that would be cool

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