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    the servers are down so it is happening.
  2. Actually you want to say facts. heres a fact for you I have been a loyal member since 2011. I went into the military.I come back see someone fly hacked on my account and it is perma banned. so they lost me after i emailed them to have situated. They said "sorry, regardless if you had any part in the hacking or not we can not unbann an account for fly/speed hacking" So I left this server for that reason. I had played a while back to get the ashbringer and lost all my work i put into the game and i had an arms warrior mind you. so seeing people on here complaining about a server that always offline or has no players is not a surprise to me. I just recently came back on here just to see if anything was new and now it looks to me like this server is about to end like undamned wow did. no info on any new content no pics nothing. this is how servers die. this was a fun server but like all good things. it must come to an end one day or another. and they have no one to blame but themselves for their faecesty communication skills.
  3. I have an idea to help you all get more money. Take a few abilities such as seal of insight and seal of truth or chain lightning and sell them to the public like how you did for titans grip. people who play warriors have no heals and i think it would help us out alot for getting gear and things as such. Just an idea though.
  4. here's an idea make it to where we can get weapons without needing vip help or a group. you don't have a lot of people on the server to begin with so make it for people to get weapons fairly. your vips are ignorant and all they want to do is spawn kill and gloat all day. make the game more fair and balanced.
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