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  1. well ok i try to get a video proof i arange my laptop to record and i hope then they stop to do that.
  2. Hello everyone i hope this topic get some attention because in last 5 days all my chars nonvip got viped by Chriis and Cecili vip6 rogue and vip7 pala and they are spawnkilling all nonvips in arena abusing hard theyr gear vip powers killing severely loot of players.I saw too a warn by GM Puppy to Chriis for spawnkills and he is still doing it just saying he got rights to kill all in arena because they payed for theyr gears to spawnkill.They are break all the rules server thinking only they ahve rights on server.I really hope a admin or GM see them how they are break the rules hard.Loot of ppl is complaining in chat o of them kills.
  3. System vote on GTOP 100 is not working and i cant find icecold wow server is gone of list so 1 point gone of votes.Better come back on old system vote when u vote u get the points ingame. I suggest to get in one item on vote shop for paladin Relic Libram cuase arent any good one ingame.
  4. Like i see everyday the ppls here just report and make his owns persons to be a balls in front Admins to make them GM's that server is only a bussiness for Admins and players and GM'S old or new are just a marionettes.Their stupids acts are just banning ppls for words not for real acts or i dont know something strong.Server is crap and staff too only acusations and bad acts by GM'S Admins and stupids kids who listen them or give them money i mean real money.That money is lose 300% soon and u no get nothing not a bit respect or kidless by GM's or Admins they only warn you and punish you soon as they can or you make a trouble even small trouble.IM tired by tha t server no deserve not even a penny for nothing the staff are super bad they not work on nothing never the server are in condition for be playable ever are buggs,spells and nothing woking good here.Everyday are a new rule who never knows and get banned or reported for a stupid thing.Leave all the server soon as you can boys and girls here is only a trap.
  5. hi all i'd like to tell here a bit the acts of Truepaladin GM abusing hard his powers Gm he wants respect from the players but him no give nothing to anyone just bann.That Gm in my opinion is badly for the server cuase i saw the players in arena are playing with fear or not playing when he is online , and he never is doing his job like a GM answering tickets or helping the server ppls.His attitude is bad,arogant and sure most of players stop to donate to icecold when see that Gm abusing hard his powers one of my accounts got banned 2 banns day by day and last bann is for 3days without a reason or do nothing he just see me and boom bann 3 days that GM is really kid and the server no need his attitude agaisnt players.Server will sufer and posibles donors can leave and never more donate here.
  6. i got banned on this account and i not even played on him today wtf is this stupid stuff doing that and bann my chars without reason and proofs ADMINS CAN CHEQ IT.I WILL MAKE A REPORT ADMINS FOR THAT BANN ON MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT PLAYING ONLINE.
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