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We are aiming to really improve the whole help system on this server. New players can really be in the dark for some of the stuff on IceCold, and it would be great for everyone if there was a place where almost all "how do I" questions were answered.

We have set up a new category in the "Help & Support" forum. It is called "Guides/Tutorials" and it is where you can write and post guides on anything related to IceCold. It will really help new players, and the best guides will be put on the official help page!!

( Before writing one, make sure it's not already in http://www.icecold-wow.com/help )

New Guide Section

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How about you give the people who actually bothered to do YOUR job in helping out other players, a reward? A think a good reward should be implimented? Something like a free VIP Transfer/VIP1? They are pretty much the same price $5 aint much soo.....? how about it? Give us "nice" players a reward for doing YOUR job and helping player s that need it.

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