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New profile area coming soon!


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We've been hard at work on a new, centralized profile area for players to manage their game account from one place. Rather than lists of features, I'll post screenshots that explain it all :)

Home screen. Basic account details, and you can see your own vote logs:


My Characters screen. Lists your characters and allows you to unstick them:


This one's new. Deleted Characters. Shows deleted characters from the last 5 days, and yes, you can restore them!!!


Security. Check your IP last login to see if you've been hacked, and a button to change email or password:


Ban/Mute Check. Details and duration of any bans or mute on your account:


VIP Transfer. A tool for transferring your VIP gear automatically:


On the My Characters screen, you probably cannot notice, but the character names are clickable. What happens when you click one? This happens:


Hope you're looking forward to it as much as we are!

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