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My signature show's a wall showing what has happened. On this wall a Dragon named Alduin The World Eater has come back and is ressurecting all the other dead Dragon's to help him destroy the world. (This is from left to right) Alduin is the first Dragon to be born. He emerges and wreaks havoc all over Tamriel. But when Alduin come's to Skyrim he get's more than he bargain's for. 3 Nordic Hero's Kill him (Middle of the wall) and the Arch-Mage send's Alduin forward in time with what is called an Elder Scroll (Most powerful device in the game) He is sent 200 year's into the future. 200 year's later a war rages between the Imperials& the Stormcloak's. The Stormcloaks are Nord's fighting for Skyrim's freedom, but the imperial's wish to rule Skyrim. But then you are born as Dohvakiin. Which in ancient dragon tongue mean's "Dragonborn" . Only DragonBorn can slay and absorb a dragon's soul to TRULY kill it. Your goal is to stop Alduin The World Eater from destroying all of Tamriel. If you have a Xbox360 or PS3 you MUST get this game. It is VERY amazing!

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