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Deathwing Quest


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I think a quest to kill Deathwing would be a nice addition!

The quest could be something like this:


The q giver is just a name I found;

Adramelech: Arch Demon whose name means, "King of Fire"

I think this char would be cool as the q giver


I know this is a char from Firelands, so this prob isnt possible, but It would be cool, just saying.

The reward could be weapons or a title, idk anything!

Also New NPC's in Baradin hold would be cool But ill make another Topic about that soon!

thnx for reading!

see you ingame!


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yes DW should be way harder to kill. make him do more dmg and give him like oh let say 3000 m HP if so give him a high drop rate %

vugto your right it is easy to kill DW on your own just takes a while. i suggest admins give this server more of a rush with icecold raids like this. the quest doesnt sound bad. that should be made and the reward of that quest is one sapp you get to choose you will also be rewarded 10000 GOLD good post vugto

since: Grandelement

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