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May be good idea


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Hey Icecold stuff,

what about to make battles more exclusive and highlighted by giving some

prize for winners...you know...i mean 1,2,3 love tokens or something else, not just honor that is lil useless...

could be useful as for players, as for server....there is only few funservers, where

battles are visited often....it´s possible, that more ppl will come...hmm? just my and friend´s opinion


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ok Seph...little bit more....u know....battlegrounds are unused on this server, and that´s really pity....

mi idea is to reward teams or individuals for killing horde/allies by love tokens or glowcaps...not much,

just 1-2 tokens for each 10 killed allies or horde players for individuals, or 3 tokens for winning a battle for group

still better chance to get better stuff, than farming them in Tanaris or ToT....ppl will get bored after some time of killing mobs

...i spent 2 hours in Tanaris, and got 2 tokens....same in Tot....and this could raise the popularity of server...working battlegrounds with special

prize....just need npc with quest....:) or it can be a normal quest like city battle....horde is attacking Stormwind, allies Ogrimmar...defenders or attackers if they win will get

reward...nothing hard....but better than spawnkilling and spawncamping in Gurubashi....yeah...and penalty for spawnkilling & spawncamping could be like 24hours ban...O:)

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I agree with him and i had a chat with him in-game about this however instead of giving love tokens i think that maybe just to make the coding simpler make it so people in BG's, players drop 1 shard and you can obtain it through removng insignea then outside the BG's theres a vendor where you can trade 10 shards into a Love Token or something :/ just a thought to make the coding for his idea simpler slightly.

Generate, VIP 6 Shaman.

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