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What the hell is going on with dodge? (URGENT)


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Well yeah basically dodge is really messed up guys. First of all the "Might Magic Stone" - "Max skills" doesn't work ( maybe it's only me who is experiencing this sort of problem).

The other day i was on my rogue and I had 628% dodge rating self buffed. today I log on my rogue and I see 325% dodge rating..what's going on? I haven't changed anything, I mean as gear wise and such. To add on my Mage " Grape" has 1.32% dodge rating (Yes I know some of you will say that Mages are cloth wearers and they should have that kind of dodge, ok I'll agree to that) BUT how can at the same time with exactly the same gear another two mages that i've confronted so far have at least 100% dodge chance...This needs to be fixed or like I said maybe it's only me.

So please sort this out, because I'm really getting tied of being hit to much -.-' T

Thanks :(


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the max skills only applies to skills you already have. i know i use it daily. i am the reason they came up with it. my pally would have skills set to 0 upon logging in. and i had to regain them each time. so i talked to rocx about it. and he couldnt do anything at the time. so i stopped playing on the server. then they fixed it. so now im on daily.

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