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Suggestions from the players on IceCold-WoW and me!


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Hello girls and boys...I've seen many people leave this server theese days...and this have to stop! The players that I speaked to loved my idea...to make a boss that got around 10000m hp do 2m dmg do some epic stuns etc...and the boss drop 1 or 2 Brewfest prize token...and you can farm him all the days long if you got a (Raid) I think this should make this more fun for the fully geared people on the server...I see many fully geared players being at arena bored, so this idea should be great for IceCold-WoW...and the boss should drop around 5k gold aswell ^^ and maybe some more farming quests...add a non vip shirt that you can "farm" or any kinds of weps, I'm sure people will like this idea...What about letting people be able to farm up to vip 5? and you HAVE to be vip for farming to vip 5...and non vips can ONLY farm up to vip 1...and anymore instances/bosses would be good on the server...

Enough of ideas for now...I hope admins read this ^^

The ideas came from Deloth and Lleroy


And tell me what you think about this ideas! This would make IceCold more fun and you will never be bored! or leave!

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The one idea that's reasonable is the one about farmable weapons, etc. :)

However take note that 2100m (2.1bn) hp is the maximum a boss can ever be. This is due to 32-bit servers not being able to handle a higher number than 2.14 thousand million. So the boss part of the post is not really possible as posted

Basically the realm can never have a boss harder than deathwing. Probably possible to make harder with more armor, spells, etc, but yea..

The idea of farming higher VIP levels is never going to happen. It defeats the purpose of the VIP upgrade system in the store and stuff like that.

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