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Yulax, or any other GM...


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Hi, I was banned by the GM Yulax... look yulax i know i was in the wrong calling you stupid... and i apoligize for that but... as you said in another thread... i did not say anything about your sister... that was probably particleman or someone... not me... and i did not /w you saying anything as whenever i try and /w a GM it comes up with a message saying ''no player named ****** is currently playing'' this happens all the time... and the stuff about me hating canadians was a joke... i have freinds from canada who visit me quite often tbh... and the stuff about hitler... well thats just immature tbh... well yeah... here is me asking you to please unbann my I.P... i have apoligized and i would just like things to go back the they was and my account back... thank you for your time... Uberwowz

P.S... if a GM would like to see the other thread, here is the link :)


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