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Account Security/Sharing. !


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Players ! As we see ... Players have been getting hacked ! we just want to remind you To NEVER share your account , as it's your own responsibility ... Anything can get your account hacked. Like

  • Login in a Public Computer , Wich can be filled with malware or Keylogs.
  • Short passwords.
  • Placing Account info in malicious websites/programs
  • Account sharing.

Also ... if you see a Player Ingame With a name similar to a GM's ... Do NOT trust that person! Unless they have a GM tag on! The Ice-cold Staff will NEVER ask you for your password ! For any Reasons.

If you see someone Attempting to Hack you , Please post it on forums or make a ticket about it! Don't get your account in danger.

I myself am very strict with Account security, When it comes to that... which we GM's have told you about 100 times... wont Help you when u come crying to us that you've lost your account.

Best of wishes,


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