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Item cahces missing. help please



When i click Play ice cold wow it tells me: Item Caches missing. Please close this launcher, then open Wow.exe, LEt it load up, then close it. then start this launcher up again.

i have even tryed deleting the WTF folder and both CAche folders, nothing work? Please help me.


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You must only open the wow.exe then just exit. Then you open up the IceCold Launcher. The problem is that you miss your cache folder, and you'll get the cache by opening the wow.exe




i justtryed that didnt work same messege is popping up:/

Any ideas?


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Well I have had a problem like that where I had deleted my cache and that message popped up. What I did is logged into my retail account and then closed down my wow. Pretty much I just had to log into the server in order for it to work.

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