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custom legendaries


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So, let's go.

I have an idea about legendaries for each class cuz it is possible to have a leg. weapon with effects in 4.3.4.

If you're prot warrior or paladin - Thunderfury (MH)

If you're blood dk - Shadowmourne

If you're a feral - (???)

Arms war - shadowmourne

Fury war - two shadowmournes or two thunderfuries

Retribution pala - shadowmourne

unholy dk - shadowmourne

frost dk - (???)

rogues: sub/assasin - fangs, combat - azzinoth

mage, warlock, balance druid, shadow priest, elemental shaman - dragonwrath

all healers - val'anyr

hunters - bow from sunwell

enhancement shaman - (???)


How to get it: questlines in 1-man raid dungeons. 

P.S Weapons will be upgraded with "IceCold Upgrader", of course)

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6 hours ago, Vanquish said:

Hey, thanks for the suggestion!
I thought you'd like to know that we are adding in class specific legendaries to come with the big Firelands content update. This will hopefully be released after Christmas ?

yes) thank you so much, I'm waiting for it)

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