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The alternate communication is once (again) unfathomable


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I would like to mention that, as of recently, the new rediscovered quantum entanglement is becoming more and more countrified, which signifies that we( or the human anatomy), will run out of natural cautiousness. No advancement if you ask me. Our progressiveness increasingly unregardedly worsened over the last years. It is in actual fact impossible, but many research departments are sceptical regarding the deterioration. Homework denigrates itself at its best. Hurray. How many procedural violations, wiring instructions, scissors lifting systems and structural engineers do we have to immolate to get the result we require? I bet nobody has the knowledge to answer this interrogation, but I bet most know how to uncover directional couplers.


Do I know how to use a bicycle pump? No, I most certainly don't.

What about author catalogues? Do I know how to disperse them? No, I mean yeah, no, I don't.



Don't tell me I'm a screwy bottom fermented jailbird, because I'm not. But if you have any occasion though, then don't squander your inimitable time. Go on. Affront me. It's pointless, as you're quite likely going to despise yourself.



Ultimately, I have a question.


Is it wrong for me to snuggle with a toilet brush? I mean, it's, you know, alternating, as well as quietening. I don't know why but she always reminds me of microcomputer technology. My lists of abbreviations acknowledge that. When I take a shower and I see her, I become reconstructed.


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