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I would like to mention that, fajad, thank you very much for letting me pronounce my expression of opinion on this subject. You're likely a politician. Decent or not, political correctness remains political correctness.



Where do I even kick off?



Well, in your dissenting opinion, 'Paladin' is the strongest playable class. In my opinion (I used to live with an unimaginable incapable amount of plotters), 'Paladin' is the most unpalatable class. Me and a few other financiers share the same opinion.  I'm not alone. The loneliness has, as demonstrated in this case, lost.


Rogues are elusively contributive and offer the most potentialities. They possess thoughtlessness, deadly seriousness, even invisibility. No other class possess these particularities. I precluded 'Druids' because they're not nefarious enough.




Since this website clearly states that freedom of expression is permitted, please respect my accessible opinion. If you ignore my pleading, may you be prosecuted, regardless of the consequences.


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