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Treated Like faeces


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Sorry but the purpose of your post is unclear. Are you referring to staff treating you badly?

Well no. I love the Staff. the player's are getting off hand. including Wurlord. Caliing me stupid. Calling me a no life. calling me a noob. All in /o. Dude i dont like it so cut it off. its Anoying being called Sc*rub and a Fag*et for helping server by Donating. I have had Enough. JUST CUT IT OFF. Hillie instead of telling me *Carried by gear* i asked you for a duel without donor and you refused.. so just think before you make a action.

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*The players are getting offhand* I must agree, you do get treated badly. You are carried by gear but without that you still have alot of skill so no one can moan. Hillie is a noob anyway, runs around moaning and 1-shotting. It's not just you who feel this pain. It's most of the donators. =/

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