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good morning evenings or nights for all forgive my english everything is for translator
I would like to ask how I do to recover my account the character shown in the picture is played from the expansion 4.0.6 stop playing for years and when I returned to look at the page were already updated to version 4.3.4
my account is hasblike if you need what is the email I know but that email can not restore the password
I want to know if you can recover the account please and if it is not possible I would like to delete the account to recover then the thanks name to the staff of ice cold by your attention


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  • Staff

The server was completely revamped quite some time ago. Everyone's characters were erased and everyone had to start out completely new. All old characters can not be recovered. If you had any donation items, you will have a refund and account credit to use.


You can reset your password if you have access to the old email. If you still have problems with reviving your account, use the "contact admin" forum to make an admin ticket and they can help you with your account.

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