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Account Closed?



Hello, been a couple of years since i last been here on IceCold, it was shut down when i stopped playing but now i noticed it was back up and downloaded 4.3.4, launcher and everything. even had my old account here on the website and i can see my old characters aswell. But when i try to log on in-game it tells me my account is closed and i need to check a link provided, which i did, but it told me the account was available.

Screenshots of both in-game message and the directed link below.

This was such a nice server last time i played here, and i really hope i can get back to check out all the new stuff there have come the past 5 years.


Have also posted this in another section but no response yet...



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I didn't do anything, but I am glad your issue is resolved. I wasn't trying to be a smart with you about your email. I was just trying to make sure you were using the email that was tied to your game account. Many people used alternate email addresses and/or forgot the account email. It happens all the time so I have to ask.

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