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Hey peoples.

Well just a basic idea:

Turn the 3.3.5 into a roleplaying server, I mean it isn't that hard and alot of people love roleplaying. Just pure roleplay, nothing eles. It will be quite simple as it's on 3.3.5 and you could always throw in some model edits too. ( What is model editing: http://hubpages.com/hub/World_of_Warcraft_Model_Editing ) Model editing is basicly making your own islands, gear model switched things and it's well... Pure awesome. You won't be able to do them yourself but you can always hire a model editor, I can do alot of model editing too it's actually quite hard but awesome. A roleplay server would be better than a blizzlike too. You could also have verry strict rules like no Out of character in talk always stay in character etc...

It's just a simple idea, exept it would do alot better than a blizzlike.

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