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As we've said before, IceCold has switched to fully email-based login. To achieve this in the game, we are essentially hijacking and using its Battle.net system. This involves a couple of small patches on your client (which the Launcher handles for you).

Unfortunately, we have so far been unsuccessful in getting this Battle.net patch to work on the OS X version of the game. This means that OS X is currently unsupported for IceCold-WoW.

If you are an OS X user, you still have a couple of options available to play:

  1. Use the Boot Camp feature on OS X to install Windows on your Mac, without affecting OS X. This is the recommended method.
  2. Wine is an emulator that allows you to run Windows software on OS X. We have not tested this method, and results can vary widely. Advanced users only.

We will continue to research ways to properly support OS X. We're very sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

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