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Zul'Jin Bugging (Not entirely sure if its against all rules)


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Earlier today, i had the pleasure of coming to the Reaper realm. As i entered The Great Arena a fellow player had bugged the boss into the wall, Not allowing Zul'jin to attack back! (How unfair! Hes got a family to support!)


All jokes aside, usually this is not okay. Most of the time it allows for a warning to be put into place. Please correct me if im wrong and i shall take fault for it. (To be completely honest, i was a little upset i died for this fella too. I had taken aggro and killed the boss for him afterwards. ((Totally not receiving a party invite! How rude!)) And i most likely camped him in the arena until he gave up....)





Name of character you are reporting: Dokternerf
Date/Time of incident: 20151121 @ Roughly 4 PM
Reason for report: I believe its abuse
Proof: http://imgur.com/a/jq0a4 Two SS of the incident.

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  • Staff

Thanks for the report. You are correct, this type of thing is against the rules and is a fairly common problem. I am under direction for these types of infractions to only issue a punishment if I catch the player in the act. I will keep an eye out for this player to make sure they are following the rules when I am logged in the game.

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