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  • Player's Name : Nawey
  • Rule Broken : Will give you false proof to get me banned
  • What Happened : accused me of stealing/resetting boss (BM) when he was away, saying he has a "screenshot". when all we did was aggro and keep kiting BM because each time we died he would go to him and he had his auto attack/death strike macro on, so in order not to get boss killed we kited it until nawey responded (we thought it was a troll), then he came back and rushed with accusations of us trying to steal boss or reset while IT IS IMPOSSIBLE AS LONG AS NAWEY IS ALIVE AND HE WONT DIE BCZ OF HIGH STATS AND DEATH STRIKE MACRO, which he doesn't seem to understand. boss will only reset if nawey dies the ress then die then ress which won't happen AND we can't "steal" unless it resets. I LOVE icecold kids logic these days. If you are asking "why did we kite?", it is simply because each time we died BM would go back to nawey and take infinite damage, so we took him to other side of map and only pressed aggro spells such as "growl" and warr taunting spells, and we did this each one his turn so that we don't end up bugging boss. this is insane if I get accused of this.
  • Screenshots : (Required) unfortunately don't have a ss bcz the chat proving i was telling my m8 KEVYNED about stalling, has passed as I was talking to him long time before the genius accused me of something impossible. However he can prove that to you by investigating with him too. logically AND litterally impossible, remember that.


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