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PvP Based gear to be farmed in BGs !

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  • Suggestion Type (Event/General Improvement/Nerf/Buff/Loot/Dungeon etc) : 
  • Add vendors for PvP gear, with maybe lesser stats but resiliance and haste and maybe with meta sockets in it. ( to be able to use 
  • A short description :
  • Join random battlegrounds and kill the opposite fraction. Each kill grants lets say 1 Kill-Token which you have to collect and when you got enough you can buy one PvP piece. There are 8 class specific Pieces ( Head, shoulderplates, chest, etc.) to be farmed and maybe an offset like one unique ring and one unique trinket ( maybe with stun remove ? )
  • How and Who would that Benefit :
  • It would benefit all players because the server would not only be  based on PvE but also on PvP which im pretty sure of, many players would like.


  • PS: Maybe an "Mini" Worldboss in the Battlegrounds who has like 3-5 different camps where he could be ( every BG its different) and which fraction kills him first gets the loot ( Maybe 10 "kill-Tokens" or something similar )
  • PS 2 : Important ! The BGs should be VIP-Gear free, only farmed gear should be alowed so it is more fun to join BGs rather than to not join because some Random 10M rog joined and is alone in this battleground.


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Great suggestion, I like it!


I've been talking to Arbiter on skype lately what's comeing up next and we've been going through such a suggestion, I love the Idea and I'll bring it up to the attention of the other staff members.

Thanks for your suggestion



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