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The Real emerald Dream.


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This whole thing is weird because to the most (referring to Youtube and/or threads and images around MMOwned) it's all new, but to

some people it may be just pretty much common sense.

I believe most of you have seen Emerald Dream, an ugly green zone

blizzard left untextured. Only 'finished' place you may have visited there is the

Verdant Fields which has proper texturing and some cool models.

Let's have a closer look on this image taken from Google image search


Now I'll tell you something, this is NOT how Emerald Dream looks on its best.

Here is the truth:


Emerald Dream is completly texturised and cool looking.

This is how to do it:

You need no hacks or model edits to do this!

Here comes the best part, how to do it:

While playing

1. Go to Video options -> effects

2. Turn spectacular lighting off

3. Relog

Now you should be able to see it.

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