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suggestions :D :)!! (2015) NEW :D


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hello guys or reader whatever called u are  ^^  ok i hope or i know u read this reader but its time for new suggestions! :D long time ago i made a topic with suggesions :) now its time again! :D :))) ok enough said sorry :D :(


suggestion one ( :D :))) : make new design of magic stone  (^^  )

suggestion two (PLS MAKE THIS!: when die in arena u will relive outside arena :)



thats all :D

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Okay so I know you're aware of project fire since you've posted there both on this account and on your main account. If you have suggestions that are actually useful please post them in the Project Fire suggestion topic.


As for these suggestion:

1. I assume you mean the teleporter. It will have a new design.

2. I'll add this to the suggestion list and see what the rest thinks.


Oh and for the love of god, please just type normal English. We all know you can, we all know who you are. This troll is getting old.

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