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Change thats needed


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I like this server just want to say that, but I have an idea to make it better. Can the raids be changed to open just like dungeons. I find myself not able to enter raids due to low population, and or  people that don't answer invites due to being afk. Im vip7 and there isn't a raid or dungeon that I cant clear all by myself. All im saying get rid of  the raid invites, make ever raid from classic to cata to be entered with having to ask someone "hey can I invite you so I can get into a raid real quick". This is just a simple thing, that im sure just about everyone on the server would like to see.

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First off thanks for your suggestion. Always appreciated.


We're currently working on a big project, Project Fire, which will change a lot of things. It's very unlikely that this will be addressed before the release of Project Fire. What I can tell you is that after the release there will be no more inviting for raids just to get inside. What this means exactly will remain a surprise for now.


Other suggestions are more than welcome, in the Suggestions & Feedback section or in the Project Fire suggestion thread.

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