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Addons (a suggestion)


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Hey there,


I haven't been playing here for quite some time now and decided to give Icecold an other try :D

But there's one thing that kinda bugs me... I really hate playing without my Addons... And it's really annoying to find Addon's working with Cata and it get's harder and harder... well at least for me since I am kinda lazy.

So I decided to make a list of Addons compatible with IceCold on my server http://wow.keyndin.com.


So here's the thing:

If there's enough support I'm willing to actually work on it and... well... try to keep it up to date, add more Addons as I find them, maybe even work on some of the projects and try to improve them.

If however I'm the only one (and ye... I know.. not everybody enjoys Addons as much as I do...) I'll just keep it for me.

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