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how to get icecold launcher working on a mac.


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i cant get the launcher woking on my mac, ive put it in the world of warcraft folder but when i open it it says cant run on dos mode, anyone know how to fix this? Please help me!

also ive heard that you have to delete original wow but i do not want to do this. :)

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i only have 2 macs soooo

what you need to do is get a friend(who is on ice-wow ) to email you his cache folder save this on your desktop

then go download the mac launcher from eternion-wow.com

put the eternion launcher in your wow folder open it and run cataclysm then close game

delete the cache folder in the wow folder and replace with the cache folder a friend sent you

then go in to the data folder > enUS > realmlist.wtf <you need to edit the realmlis in this file to : SET realmlist login.icecold-wow.com

then go back to the root of the wow folder (at the begining) and use the "eternion wow" named wow icon to log in NOT the launcher

Thank you

and good luck xD

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then how can i see them all,

do as i commented before and you will be on your way ,

"Exept you wouldn't have the custom items. =P"

in future do not comment on something you clearly know nothing about ..

You don't have to be mean to me about it, I was just thinking because you wouldn't have the ABD files. dry.gif

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It would work from what I can see. The cache folder from your friend would contain the custom ADB files :o

Anyway, I will be getting a new laptop soon, with a processor feature that will allow me to run Mac OS on my PC. Then I can develop a Mac launcher

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