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It was a cold winter night I was walking home from a party, I was feeling pretty ****ed up possibly due to the fact that I consumed enough alcohol to put a small elephant into a coma and enough weed to make even the Indians to baked to dance around a fire. The only thing on my mind was walking home without getting caught as I am under the age of 21.
As I walk I hear a distinct sound emerging from what seems to be my pocket, I've heard this sound before and I know that I like it, it amuses me. But wait the sound changes and I no longer like it I hear the call of a cellular device interrupting my sweet music, The only thing calming me from the scary night. I stumble, Reaching for my pocket to accept the call I reach but their is nothing in their, I remember. Oh yes. Its in my back pocket. I never keep it in that pocket, Because their is a hole and we wouldn't want our phone to fall out now would we? I answer the call... Hello?

The voice sounds distant as if someone is shouting from down the road, I click the icon used to enable speaker phone.
Much better. Hello? Yo nigga you wanna play some ps4 when you get home? Its my nigga Doug; I stumble over my words, Hewll yea bruow.
I hang up, I wouldn't want the conversation to carry on as I already accomplished what I was looking for. A night after the party with only me my controller and the PlayStation 4 I picked up from GameStop about a week ago. I realize that it will take me forever to get home at this rate, I decide to take a detour into the woods. Its a full moon so I can easily guide myself using the moon. I'm listening to a song that I used to listen to awhile ago, I showed this song to Rick, A old friend which I haven't talked to in awhile. Mac Miller - Smoke signals. Its my jam and is surprising soothing. Im distracted by the music and I stumble and fall I try to catch myself. Grabbing for dear life at anything I can get my hands on I fail I'm rolling out of control down a hill hitting rocks and bushes everything in my it stops. I'm falling I hit the ground their is a sharp pain in my left leg it hurts I can't bear the pain It starts to get darker and I try to stop it but it overwhelms me I pass out.

I wake up its cold, dark and musty. Where am I? my head is pounding and I can barely breathe. What happened I don't remember anything. I got to get home how long have I been gone? I attempt to stand up, I scream the pain is to bad I fall. My stomach grumbles, I'm hungry. Its now I realize I must of been out here for awhile. I must find something to eat if I'm going to survive. I gather my surroundings, I can see a faint glow in the distant I must be in a cave and that must be the exit. I need to stand up. I attempt several times to stand up and I finally manage to prop myself up on what seems to be the wall. I hop my way towards the light. How did I end up in this cave? Just the other day I was going to a party and now I'm in a cave? How did this happen!? I promise myself that I will never do any drugs again if I make it out. I'm closer to the light now. But its a flickering light. Obviously not a exit. Its a fire. Good I can warm up there. I approach the fire and sit next to it. I smell a sweat smell of meat. It reminds me of the 4th of july, Me and my family stood around as Dad made his famous burgers, Id kill to have one right now. I look into the fire and I see that their is a animal of some sort cooking in the fire. I don't think twice I reach into the fire and grab the meat. I bite into it and immediately spit it out. Its hot. I have to wait for it to cool off. Who made this fire? I suddenly realize that I'm not alone. I hear someone coming, Or something. I've never heard anything like it before. The only way I can describe it is a chain being tossed against the ground. What could it be? I'm not going to stick around to find out. I stash the meat in my pocket as I'll be needing it for later. I can't outrun it so I'm going to have to hide. I can see a makeshift table in the corner maybe I can hide under it. I crawl as fast as I can to the table and hide my best under it. I can hear it getting closer now I'm pretty sure its in the room. I need to stop breathing so loud. Its hard because I think I might of injured my ribs I'm making a whistling sound when I breathe out. Its walking over to the table and its now standing so close I can only see its kneecaps.
They are white with hairs all over them, What seems like mud but I can't really make it out. Its laughing. its so loud its unbearable. He turns around and walks away but stops halfway between me and the fire. Then he turns around and looks me dead in the eyes.

Got bored as **** yo. ~Glitch

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