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My own absurdity, moving on.


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To start off, the creation of this topic is by no means to stir up drama, it's to note some wrongdoings and wrap everything else up. I just ask if you're going to reply something bad, keep it to yourself please. 


Back a couple months ago I decided to revisit this server after a considerable amount of time of not playing for no relevant reason. My first feed post was eventually greeted to something I didn't appreciate that much, and it did nothing but add onto the heap of crap that followed.


To sum it up real quick, my first couple days of gameplay I saw people randomly approached and insulted, then I was inevitably targeted and insulted randomly as well. I whispered the guy and told him to leave me alone and immaturely and prematurely threatened to report him. Said player ended up going to an extent of running to my alt account's character and insulting him too, so I was by all means angry, and decided to make a d/r report on the forums. I haven't even been able to look at that report topic since my last post, out of sheer embarrassment, shame, and my fear of quarreling with other community members because it.


Other topics followed saying things like "people that take small insults that serious should just leave", and similar. With all my heart, this wasn't the way I wanted to end my existence with this community whether you care about me or not.  I've had time to think about it, I've noted my absurdity for future bearings, and would just like to thank Ryan personally, along with any friends I had when I played on this server at different times, it's been a blast. 


Thank you thank you thank you! I hope this is better for me,  ^_^ .



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