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Several Suggestions


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I've got a couple of suggestions to maybe make some things right.


Suggestion #1 - Gear Arena's


Alright, so I've kind of noticed some things, some people with VIP 7 + with Soatt's sit up top and camp everyone that runs into the arena, this is probably where half of the disrespect reports come from.  People with hire gear sit there and camp, there needs to be a system added where depending on your Gear Level you only have one option at an arena, one that matches your skill and gear.  If you have VIP 7, you automatically get teleported to an arena with other VIP 7's when you select the Arena Option in the teleporter, If you have VIP 7 w/ Soatts, you get teleported to a different arena, and so on.  Depending on the gear level and if the other gear can match it, you need to be in that arena.


Players with barely 500k hp that get one-shotted by a VIP 7 get's old real quick, people don't farm to get camped by a VIP, it's no fun.  Players need to be separated by their Gear Level and Gear Value.


Suggestion #2 - Dropping the D/R Reports


We need to get rid of the Disrespect Reports, if people don't know how to take some hate they aren't going to do great in life, and they are basically pussies.  If you take offense to another players saying that "You Suck" or you are "A Faggot" you should turn off your computer because you aren't fit for the internet or life.  You are playing a free computer game, and you have an ignore option, you need to stop being a little bitch about things. If you can't play the game without taking offense to someone talking crap on you, maybe you shouldn't be 10 years old playing a game too mature for you.

Now if the person is Disrespecting you in /o and a Gamemaster see's it, then they can handle it, but Disrespect reports shouldn't be needed anymore, because now anyone is just reporting if they hate the person, to try to get them banned.  It's ridiculous and a waste of time for the GM's to go through and read.  


Suggestion #3 - Anti-Camp System


The Anti-Camp system needs to be lowered yet again to about 2 kills.  Because now a-days people are just camping because they don't like someone, it's annoying.  I'm not saying I care too much, but people complain and start fighting and that leads to yet again, an annoying Disrespect report because the person camping someone get's butthurt because the person being camped says something that "Offends" them. Again, here at IceCold if you have good gear, you can act childish.  Trust me, I use to have gear and I was so childish.


Suggestion #4 - Coming Soon, I feel like I'll come up with some more

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