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I just got a sick suggestion.


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Hello IceCold.


It's ya boi Tiptop here! I had a idea pop into my head today about a cool event called "The Amazing Race" (can be changed, doesn't matter) where you would have to travel around Azeroth (in stages, like expansions.) finding clues and items to discover where you have to go next. The whole objective of the race is to reach a check point (like the amazing race) and hand in all the correct items corresponding to the clues that you received, to access the next round. Everything would be timed (2-3 hours) and you'd need to find the items that lead you to the ending checkpoint so you can progress. The big reward at the end of the race "ALL 3 STAGES: COMPLETED" would be decided later on, specially if this is a idea thats obtainable (I think it is) But at the end of every stage you could receive one legendary item...or tokens or something.


Lets dig deeper into the idea:


1. Foot, Ground Mounts, and of course Flying Mounts only...NO help from the tele-porter, and of course a GM (obviously) 

2. You must have all the items to progress to the next stage, if not you will have to "U-TURN" and back track to find the item.

3. Speedhacks, Teleport Hacks etc...still apply! any person caught doing any of these will be D\Q and banned! because its obviously still against the server rules.

4. If you don't make the checkpoint by time you are supposed too, you will be D/Q and not be aloud to continue. 



Additional Content (IDEAS):

1. Clues - A note that will appear in your bags from start to finish that will give you a riddle that you'll have to solve to find the next item. Clues will be dropped with the item (NPC) or included in the chest you found to lead you from that given area. *CONFUSING*

2. Items can be placed in a NPC you have to kill and collect from. ( A MOB OR BOSS OF SOME SORT )

3. Items can be found virtually anywhere which would be the whole struggle of the event, thus hours will be spent looking! (nothing too hard though)

4. The Amazing Race will be a on-going event. EXAMPLE: You finish finding all the items in Northrend..you'll wait a week or a couple of days before you can start the next area in the Eastern Kingdoms. (so no one has a head start on each other, thus making it fair)

5. If you don't finish the area in the time given...you won't be able to progress to the next area / event (maybe a signature system could be made to organize this)

6. Maybe we could allow players to run in teams of TWO and allow a certain amount of teams to complete the area (like the amazing race) and the losing team will be packing there bags and be sent home ahaha. 

7. In the first area for example... 6 teams can progress to stage TWO, but every stage narrows down so by the END of the stages ONLY ONE TEAM WILL WIN (if that makes sense)


Well thats the idea I got so far, additional things and rules could always be added (a lot more). I just wanted to see if people would actually go with this project! 

The time it would take to script or make the project happen would be lengthy and would possibly require a event team. I think it would be a massive project that I haven't seen done before...and I think a lot of people would enjoy it, if we set it up correctly!!! 


tell me what you think,

Regards, Tiptop.


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Well to me it seems like a good idea,and you explained it quite clear to be understandable enough to the players.

Generally it all depends to the GM's if they are willing to accept this project(event) and jump straight on work,it would be great.Personally I agree with this suggestion because It's pretty interesting and puts your knowledge to a test,I was doing this before on another servers but with a different story including guilds.However it would be great if other players support this.

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