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Fun Idea.


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I had an idea that sounded interesting and it may work!

       I was thinking that a bag of items (like a lockbox or a bag that drops from raid bosses filled with gems in retail) could be implemented into icecold! This includes every big boss being able to drop this bag/lockbox that has a chance to give you Mats from Blessed, to illustrious gems, to icegold bars, all the way to new content like the tabard and shirt mats!

      Ex. You can kill Deathwing/Meltankos/Pythios/Zul'Jin/Grubba and it will drop a lockbox maybe 1-2% of the time that can include a few icegold bars, blessed mats and gold bars all the way to dropping a decent amount of icegold, a platinum bar and an illustrious gem but it would be rare! But ofc it would always drop something whether it's a little or a lot!


Hope to hear some feedback! :)

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