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Bacon's Dev's power abuse


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  • Player's Name : Bacon and Magnadestrie
  • Rule Broken : Giving away  donation items
  • What Happened : I just found this on the armory... Is it allowed? if it is i want this kind of "gifts" too!



Screenshots :





A dev shoulden't do that kind of things, it's just unfair...

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I added them to test if they were 2 handers as they were showing one handers, but I forgot to take them away.


I took them away as soon as I realized I had forgotten like 30 minutes later.


He also didn't do any farming with them.


Anyway it's Ryan's choice what happens as he already knows via skype, so I'll let him decide.

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Well, from what I know, Magnadestrie has been helping a lot with testing out things that we're working on, and a lot of the times if you see him with 1,000,000 rage, extra health, an item that seems insane, it just means that he's helping us test something at the time, and it will be removed from him.

This isn't quite something to worry about, as it will be removed. I'm just gonna close this thread now.

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