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Need to add more stuff into Reaper realm!


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I dont know about the rest of the people but i want more bosses and new instance, maybe higher drop rate on few items.. the population is pretty low.. some new stuff might change things. I would like a new Arena Boss in a diffrent Arena /Burst up our attackspeed again.  From: Burstofspeed!

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Yes, make the starting zones more epic, like do a functional intro where people can start and understand the player base of the server 

and make the individual learn how to co-operate with others. Make them fight zombie dragons that give free items and remove

all the battlegrounds besides Alterac Valley and make the minimum amount of players who can join: 2 of each side so we can have a long 

battleground and a lot of PVP. Also remove Drek'thar and replace him with zombie dragons. Also you guys should make a custom raid 

for 100 players and make it drop legendary epic loot. The end boss will be illidan riding Deathwing which will be a zombie dragon cause he died.


PS: If your computer cant handle a 100 man raid you should play Pony Aventure Quest Online.

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